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01 Jun 2014


TL;DR Version

I won a poker tournament.

Not-Long-Enough; Tell Me More Version

So far I’m 1-for-8 in poker tournaments, but my one cash was a good one! I haven’t actually played in a WSOP bracelet event, but I’ve been playing in smaller events around town. I was originally planning on playing in the $1,500 buy-in “Millionaire Maker” (guaranteed $1M first-place prize), but decided at the last minute that I wasn’t mentally ready for the grind that it would require. It’s a three day event with 9+ hours of poker each day, and I’ve got other plans for my time starting Monday (to be revealed later).

Here are my results so far:

  • $400 @ Venetian - no cash
  • $125 @ Bellagio - no cash
  • $400 @ Venetian - no cash
  • $235 @ Rio - no cash
  • $135 @ Rio - no cash
  • $125 @ Aria - no cash
  • $125 @ Aria - 1st for $5,819 + WPT seat (see below)
  • $135 @ Rio - no cash

The event that I won at Aria also resulted in a seat at the WPT $565 buy-in, $1M-guaranteed prize pool event that starts on July 4th. I’d prefer not to play it since I’m not planning on being in town, so if anyone reading this is interested, I’ll sell it for $550 (saving you $15). Just shoot me an email about it.

With that win, I’ve basically covered my expenses for this trip, which I’m very happy about.

My next few posts will be about important hands from my win, so if you’re not interested in poker you may want to tune out :). I’m waiting on just a few more things to fall in line before I give any updates on what I’m up to professionally.


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