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23 Aug 2014

Design Tools and Strategies 

TL;DR Version

I updated this site’s css.

Not-Long-Enough; Tell Me More Version

Just finished giving this site a bit of a face-lift. Please let me know your thoughts!

My strategy was simple: R&D, aka Rip-off and Duplicate :)

I looked around at clean, simple blogs that I enjoy reading and I stole a little bit here and there…

The trickiest part was picking font styles and colors. For those things, these two tools should be in any web developer’s arsenal:

IMO, the weakest part of my software engineering “game” is web design, so this has been a fun learning experience for me and I recommend that all back-end devs start a blog like this one to get a feel for how the “other half” lives. By “a blog like this one” I mean not WordPress, no purchased themes, etc.

What else? Any other “must-have” tools that designers or front-end engineers use regularly?


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