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28 Aug 2014

Safari to the Rescue 

Yesterday at work I found myself up against a pretty gnarly UI / javascript bug that was only presenting itself in Safari on the iPhone. Not having a physical iPhone on hand, I fired up the iOS Simulator provided by XCode.

I proceeded to spend several hours attempting to diagnose the issue by using a combination of desktop Chrome (and its developer tools), the iOS Simulator, and javascript alerts (yes, alert()s) sprinkled throughout my codebase.

Finally, I got sick of the alert() strategy and googled for a way to see console.log() output from the iOS Simulator. What I found exceeded my expectations and greatly sped up the diagnostic process:

With the iOS Simulator launched and running your local site in Safari, open your _desktop_ Safari app and click on Develop -> iPhone Simulator -> localhost. You'll get the full suite of Safari's development tools at your disposal for your iOS Simulator's browser!


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